This page outlines an HTML5 canvas-based system for mapping Library of Congress call numbers to a physical map of the stacks. This is the basis for the “Where?” feature in the Ithaca College Library catalog. Of course, implementing such a system will involve working within the parameters of your particular ILS, but the code presented here should get you started.


You can see the “toy” version of the application working here. Enter a call number between PN521 and PQ812.


The zip file contains the following:

  • mapform.html – an html form that accepts a call number and displays a map in response (requires jQuery and Colorbox). It submits the user input to …
  • findLoc.cgi – a Perl CGI script that takes an LC call number and returns coordinates on a map. It does this by using Michael Doran’s sortLC.lib and by consulting …
  • stacks.xml – contains start and end values for individual faces of a stack range. Also contains x and y values for the top left corner of a rectangle that will highlight that range. If all ranges are the same size, that’s all you’ll need, but if not, you’ll want to include height and width values along with x and y.
  • map_dummy.png – a little image file that mimics a library floor map with two rows of stacks
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